World-class learning journey

Our five-degree programs are meticulously structured to provide a progressive learning experience, starting from foundational skills to advanced expertise in strategic thinking and leadership neuroscience. Our learning journey offers a seamless pathway to cognitive mastery and professional excellence: From our practitioner certification to our PhD in Neuroscience of Leadership. Our programs are delivered entirely online, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide a world-class learning experience.

At the Buzan Academy, we value your commitment to learning and professional growth. Therefore, the investment you make in any of our degrees can be used towards the payment for further degrees. Likewise, credits from each of these certifications can be applied towards higher degrees.

Advanced Practitioner

Begin your journey with a solid foundation in Buzan methodologies. This certification teaches you the essential meta-tools: Mind Mapping, Intelligent Memory and Intelligent Reading. This enables you to enhance your personal effectiveness and productivity.

Buzan Certified Specialist

Deepen your expertise by becoming a Certified Specialist in Personal Strategic Alignment (HTx), Innovation Transformation (ITx), or Digital Transformation (DTx). These specialized certifications allow you to implement targeted transformation strategies within your organization or for your clients.

Buzan Licensed Expert

Craft your 'Blue Ocean' coaching and consulting business with the Tony Buzan Licensed Expert Certification. Achieve recognition as a Licensed Expert by mastering Buzan meta-tools and frameworks and offering irresistible solutions to your customers.

Master of Science in Strategic Thinking

Our world-class Master's program focuses on developing core thinking capabilities such as problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. This degree leverages Buzan methodologies and frameworks to enhance decision-making and execution skills. It could be completed in 3 semesters through projects that you can implement with your customers or your own organization.

PhD in Neuroscience of Leadership

Unlock the Future of Leadership with the World's First Online PhD in Neuroscience of Leadership. Reach the pinnacle of cognitive excellence with our doctoral program. The PhD degree combines cutting-edge research with practical applications, delving into the neuroscience behind effective leadership.

Double degree advantage

At the Buzan Academy, we are proud to offer a unique double degree opportunity with all our programs. Upon successful completion, you will not only receive a degree conferred by the Tony Buzan Academy, renowned for its pioneering methodologies in cognitive development, but also a degree granted by the prestigious Catholic University of New Spain, headquartered in Miami, Florida. This partnership enhances the value and recognition of your qualifications, providing you with an esteemed academic credential from a respected institution alongside your mastery of Buzan methodologies.




discovered how to use brain science to dramatically improve learning, creativity, understanding, and memory in everyone, regardless of age or starting point.

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enhancing tools have unlocked the potential for millions of people, transforming lives and making them more productive, more secure, and more capable.

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